[A-DX] [WOR] 6070 Germany, Channel 292 off until October!

Dario Gabrielli
Mi Jul 11 13:11:11 CEST 2018

   ----- Messaggio inoltrato ----- Da: "> Cc:  Inviato: mer, 11 lug, 2018 alle 13:06 Oggetto: Re: [WOR] 6070 Germany, Channel 292 off until October!   This is fake.
 Forget all messages, that don't come from our normal address.
 Maybe you can spread the truth.
 You see, the fake mail still uses our old address.
 Search friend, in sole Mailing list I try this news so I want to know or the news is real. Hoping in your news Dario  
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   ----- Messaggio inoltrato ----- Da: "Glenn Hauser via Groups.Io"  
   I got this as a bcc and deleted the sender (below) from the reply chain.
  I think this is a troll, possibly somebody trying to drive away listeners and/or broadcasters.
  1.  This is NOT one of Rainer's regular email addresses.  I have sent an email to one of those asking confirmation
  2.  I am a paying broadcaster.  If this were legit, I don't think this would be how I learned. 
  You can take this advice or leave it, but my advice is confirm via his regular email before you react. 
  William "Bill" Tilford, Owner/Producer
  Tilford Productions, LLC
  5713 N. St. Louis Av
  Chicago IL 60659-4405
  phone: 773.267.6548
  website: www.tilfordproductions.com
  On Tue, 7/10/18, Glenn Hauser via Groups.Io <wghauser=> wrote:
   Subject: [WOR] 6070 Germany, Channel 292 off until October!
   Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 9:26 PM
   Transmitter - Offline Outage
   Information" <>
   Dear listeners,
   I have to shut down the transmitter for
   three months beginning 13th July at 0700 UTC. I have no
   other choice to do this because part of the transmitter
   needs replaced and I cannot get this part fast it needs to
   be made from the company.
   If you could forward this message to
   all listeners on blogs or websites it would be kind of you
   to help. I will also announce on website and further email
   our clients who bought time with us to ensure that you do
   not lose any money.
   Once again I am deeply sorry
   Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind
   Rainer Ebeling
   Radio Channel 292
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   85296 ROHRBACH
   Tel:    +49 8442 - 95 39 01
   Fax:    +49 8442 - 95 48 93
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