[A-DX] BSR-RG#14 - 2018-07-09_0730-0800 7730 kHz WRMI

Fr Jul 13 09:02:00 CEST 2018

"....Life has been crazy busy lately, leaving little time for my little 
radio project, so this week I'm only sharing some pictures for the BSR 
Radiogram, all from a recent trip I took to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for work 
(FYI, I am a civilian attorney who represents US servicemembers in 
courts-martial, administrative board hearings, conscientious objector 
hearings, etc.). While on post, I decided to drive out to one of the 
more rural areas of the military installation to visit the Apache POW 
(prisoner of war) cemeteries where Geronomio and many of his kinfolks 
are buried. Being there was an emotional thing, a reminder of the heavy 
cost born by so many, in so many parts of the world, by the ugly 
imperialist history of the United States. I have several pictures I'll 
be sharing from the cemetery and one of Geronomio himself. After 
visiting the cemetery, I drove north, off the post and into the 
beautiful and scenic Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, home of 
herds of free range buffalo, elk, longhorn cattle, etc. I didn't have a 
lot of time to sight see, but I did drive up the spiral road to the 
summit of Mount Scott to take some pictures. I have 2 pictures of the 
mountain itself and one of me from the summit.
One last thing... since this Radiogram is shorter than usual, I'll be 
playing it two times in a row, so if you missed the first 15 minutes, 
keep your recorder and/or FLDGI software going as it will repeat.
As always your QSL reports are always welcome at 
 Hopefuly next week I'll be able to do 
another mailbag show for all of the detailed QSL reports I've been 
73, James (KG5JST)........."