[A-DX] BSR radiogram#13 and SWRG#54

Sa Jun 30 09:03:17 CEST 2018

"......3. Future plans --- Uncertain as to July broadcast schedule
Speaking of funds... mine are running low, and so I may not be able to 
continue the weekly broadcasts in July. Please monitor our facebook page 
and website for info if our schedule is changing.
One possibility I am considering is that if I can't continue the weekly 
shortwave broadcasts, I may still produce the weekly programs for airing 
on my Part 15 micropower AM radio station (more for my own amusement 
than anything), but also share them online. So if you are more 
interested in the content and are not as concerned about the fun of 
hearing on SW, please let me know (), and 
I'll take that into consideration. But if you love hearing us on 
shortwave, please consider making a donation. 30 USD per week is the 
cost to keep this airing on WRMI, and I really would like to do that. 
Anything, even $5, would be helpful.
That's it for this week. Tune in again soon, whether it is on shortwave 
(and hopefully it will be) or online. And of course, please send your 
QSL reports to 
73, James Branum, KG5JST....."


"....This is Shortwave Radiogram in MFSK64
Please send reception reports to 

 From Radio Prague:

In the turbulent year of 1968, Radio Prague was "freer" than Radio Free 

Brian Kenety
22 June 2018

In the early years of Radio Free Europe, the U.S. station -
although initially founded and largely secretly funded by the CIA
- played a critical role in providing balanced, objective news to
listeners in the Eastern Bloc, especially during turbulent
periods of history. Having failed to live up its own standards
when covering the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, RFE took a
radically different approach to its coverage of the Prague Spring
and Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, says former
RFE director A. Ross Johnson................................"


[Nach dem SWRG#54  lief über WRMI 7780 ab 21.00z  das deutsche Programm 
von RAE. (wie von Christoph vor einigen Tagen schon berichtet)]