[A-DX] Mini survey of Independent MW stations in Italy. Challenger Radio testing on 594 kHz

Antonello Napolitano
Mi Mär 14 11:58:36 CET 2018

Mini survey of Independent MW stations in Italy.
On 594 kHz at 1037-1058 UTC heard Challenger Radio testing with music and ID in EE mentioning the old frequency of 1368 kHz;
1206 kHz, 1044 UTC Amica Radio Italia. This station has changed its name from Amica Radio Veneta to Amica Radio Italia. You can realize this change by visiting their website www.amicaradioveneta.it  The domain www.amicaradioitalia.it has been also activated. However, it's quite hard to be aware of this change of name by listening to the station on both, online or on-air, as they continue to play non stop music without any station announcement.
  1404 kHz, 1002 UTC, R.106; 1512 kHz, 1004 UTC, Mini Radio, 1557 kHz, 1005 UTC Milano XR, 1584 kHz, 1006 Free Radio AM, 1602 kHz, 1008 UTC RTV R.Treviso. 
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