[A-DX] Bandscan Independent MW Stations from Italy) 27.03.2018

Antonello Napolitano
Di Mär 27 18:08:23 CEST 2018

Bandscan stazioni private OM dall'Italia (Bandscan Independent MW Stations from Italy) 27.03.2018, via websdr in Svizzera/Switzerland (near Carì Canton Ticino) ANT: 160m horizontal wire loop, 20m ladder 450ohm, balun 4: (Orari/Times UTC): Reception quality abbreviations: P = Poor/Weak, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent.

1350 kHz 15.27 I Am R. (Milano) G.;
1395 kHz 15.22 R.Atlanta Milano (Milano) F.,
1404 kHz 14.03 R.106 (Casalgrande, RE) F.;
1512 kHz 13.57 Mini R. (Castano Primo, MI) P/F.;
1557 kHz 13.56 Milano XR (Milano) F.;
1584 kHz 13.54 Free R. AM (Trieste) G.;
1602 kHz 13.51 RTV R.Treviso (Treviso) F.;
1602 kHz 15.32 R.3 Network (Poggibonsi, SI) P (QRM R.Treviso).
594 kHz 15.49 Challenger R. (via websdr in Crema, I) F.
1098 kHz 15.40 Media R. Castellana (via websdr in Ravenna, I) F.

PS: It' a hard catch but Radio 3 Network (cochannel with RTV Radio Treviso and many stations from Spain) from Poggibonsi is anxious to receive reception reports. The website for matching audio with stream: https://www.radio3.net/live-streaming/

Antonello Napolitano