[A-DX] Fwd: Shortwave Radiogram, 11-21 May 2018 [Relevanz: MB-1 SonSet®adio ]

Fr Mai 11 11:09:35 CEST 2018

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Betreff:     Shortwave Radiogram, 11-21 May 2018 (two shows)
Datum:     Thu, 10 May 2018 21:54:35 -0400
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Hello friends,

This email will provide information on the broadcasts for the next two 
weekends (47 and 48)

A special broadcast of Program 48 will be a demonstration of Shortwave 
Radiogram for the meeting of the National Association of Shortwave 
Broadcasters (NASB), this year hosted by SonSet Solutions in Elkhart, 
Indiana. Reception of Shortwave Radiogram will be on a SonSet radio, an 
inexpensive receiver designed for use in developing countries. Using an 
antenna on the roof of the steel warehouse building, replete with 
electronic equipment in operation, the signal will somehow be fed to the 
SonSet radio, and the modes will be decoded from what is received.


extrahierte Links:
Meeting Location:   SonSet Solutions, 2830 17th Street, Elkhart, Indiana 
Conference Host:  SonSet Solutions
Meeting Dates:  Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18, 2018

"....How will this change affect giving for the missionaries that I support?
Initially, all missionaries currently serving at the HCJB Global 
Technology Center will be put on loan to the new organization, SonSet 
Solutions. Whether their parent organization is Reach Beyond, TWR or 
FEBC, your gifts will continue to be handled as before. In time, some of 
these missionaries may choose to join the new organization. At that 
point, you will be notified of the changes so you can redirect your 

"....What are the reasons for this transition?
The world is changing quickly. Reaching people with the gospel who are 
still without a witness for Christ requires great flexibility. Reach 
Beyond (formerly HCJB Global) is focused on bringing God’s message of 
life to those people groups that are less than two percent evangelized. 
To do this, they plan to use small, nimble teams of consultants who are 
able to easily move about in international settings, without restraints 
that can come with the ownership and operation of large facilities and 
working with a big staff. The HCJB Global Technology Center (now SonSet 
Solutions) has commitments to hundreds of organizations worldwide and 
provides technical support for ministries working in areas that are 
unreached, as well as areas where the Church is thriving, and new 
Kingdom workers are being mobilized. Because of the significant 
difference in ministry objectives, Reach Beyond is encouraging us to 
move ahead on our own, with their blessing...."

     Fixed-tuned solar-powered multi-band receiver
     AM: 520-1710kHz FM: 76-108MHz
     SW: 2.2-26.0MHz
     Up to nine programmable stations
     in any combination of AM/FM/SW
     Can be easily re-programmed with
     SonSet Programmer and software

Also 9 fest einprogrammierte Frequenzen in den entsprechenden 
"...The radios will be fixed-tuned to the radio frequency of our local 
partner where their listeners will hear God’s Word."