[A-DX] Fwd: Shortwave Radiogram, 11-21 May 2018 [Relevanz: MB-1 SonSet®adio ]

Fr Mai 11 11:47:11 CEST 2018

Am 11.05.2018 um 11:20 schrieb Roger:
> Hat (eigentlich) schon jemand den TWR Titus II  im Handel entdeckt?
> https://www.twr.org/news/on-world-radio-day-titus-ii-shows-promise/

Im Handel wohl nicht, aber wenn man hier auf "China" geht:

"....Digitally Enhanced Radio Church Kits for China
TWR is enhancing the traditional Radio Church Kits with a revamped 
digital package that includes seven discipleship textbooks, a Chinese 
Bible, and program schedules, all stored in a groundbreaking Titus 2 
digital receiver. The brand-new Titus 2 is a radio fused with a basic 
tablet computer. Where internet access is unavailable, rural believers 
with a Titus 2 can read and study the materials stored on the tablet and 
listen to companion programs broadcast from TWR’s shortwave station on 
Guam. Along with radio programs, the digital shortwave transmissions can 
deliver additional content to be stored and accessed on the tablet. You 
can provide a cutting-edge gift of encouragement for a donation of $150...."


Alles eine Glaubens-Frage.....