[A-DX] A fake station cliaming to be Free Radio AM from Trieste active on 1584 kHz

Antonello Napolitano
So Mai 20 16:46:02 CEST 2018

After Radio Oberfranken and others, a new fake station, probably broadcasting from Italy, has been heard on 1584 kHz, this time identifying itself as Free Radio AM. That is a sort of  ”Black clandestine station" that claims to be Free Radio AM, the legal radio station with this name which has a license and operates from Trieste on 1584 kHz.  The true Free Radio AM can be identified by matching your audio on 1584 kHz with their stream which can be found  at http://www.assamgroup.it/

This Internet site also includes an announcement in Italian saying that the station «is under attack by some illegal radio operators that, especially in night hours, use to broadcast on 1584 kHz different kind of contents with the aim of deliberately causing interference to Free Radio AM.  A number of different station names have been used for such transmissions which are aired via a transmitter with enough power.

The situation has now become serious like never before. In the last days, those illegal broadcasters have carried station announcements saying that you are tuned to Free Radio AM.  They record and falsify our jingles and voices, which are modified with the addition of insults and blasphemies. Those illegal broadcasters not only deliberately interfere to Free Radio AM but also other radio stations in Europe, whose operators can believe that the origin of such interferences is the true Free Radio AM. It’s quite evident that a criminal act is underway with the aim of forcing our station to stop broadcasting.

Of all those facts, the Italian authorities are well aware since January 2018 but until now no action has been apparently taken. We dissociate ourselves from any broadcast with offensive and blasphemous<https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/blasphemous> language and hope that authorities will solve this case as soon as possible. We invite our listeners to report to us any kind of taboo language which can be heard over that station claiming to be Free Radio AM!»