[A-DX] R: Re: 7440 aus Rohrbach ?

Dario Gabrielli
So Nov 4 11:50:47 CET 2018

Here in north of Italy near Venice the signal is null with a Degen and indoor telescopic antenna. Dario 

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  Il dom, 4 nov, 2018 alle 11:48, Wolfgang Bueschel<> ha scritto:   jetzt beantworte ich mich sogar selbst:

7440.003 kHz  Soeben um 1030 UT on the air beobachtet:

Irgend solch ein Netherlands Konserve programm läuft gerade.

S=6 oder -92dBm - distanzmäßig weiter weg in Steiermark/NW Ungarn SDR's.
Beim DARC Amberg Bayern dagegen S=4 oder -100dB Signalstärke.

Ja gut; --  41mb im winter darf man im Nahbereich nichts erwarten.

73 wb

GERMANY    Low power hobby radio. Universe Radio on new erected 7440 kHz
via Channel292 Shortwave Broadcast Schedule, Nov 4th 2018, Live.
To celebrate 6 years of on-line radio we will do a live combination of
on-line and shortwave radio. In a 7 hour special we will bring back
the sounds of the 70's, 80's and 90's to the airwaves with of course a
touch of modern music. We will be transmitting through 7440 kHz, the new
Channel292 Frequency. Thank you Rainer for setting it up again!
Times are in CET [UT +1hr]: [Sunday]
1100-1200 Hello Europe with Michiel Bouwmeester
1200-1400 Record Attic with Maurice van Ginderen
1400-1600 Full Throttle with Olaf Kerkhof
1600-1800 Panic Show Back in Time with M Bouwmeester & Bennito Mol


(via Harald Kuhl-D  DL1ABJ, Germany, BrDXC ng Oct 16)
(BC-DX 1360, 1 November 2018)

Tomorrow, the 4ht of November, it is once again Shortwave time. Starting at
10.00 UTC we will be broadcasting on 7.440 Khz, the new channel 292

We will hope that you all will join us in a great day of oldies, hits and
indie music!

10.00 a€" 11.00 Hello Europe
11.00 a€" 13.00 The Record Attic
13.00 a€" 15.00 Full Throttle
15.00 a€" 17.00 The Panic Show

7.440Khz or  www.universeradio.nl

Best regards, met vriendelijke groet,
Michiel Bouwmeester
Wilhelminalaan 51
4872 BW Etten-Leur


(via Vasily Lazarev, Samarskaya oblast, Russia / "deneb-radio-dx")

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Subject: [A-DX] 7440 aus Rohrbach ?

Was weiss man in bestimmten Kreisen über diese neue Ebeling Aktivität ?
Schedule ?  BNA 0000-1700 UT maximal25 kW request ist zu allgemein.
73 wb

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