[A-DX] Log: 6100 kHz / Radio Habana Cuba / UTC: 07:05 / SINPO: 35322 / Dat: 20.11.2018

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Nov 20 10:53:55 CET 2018

der 6000 kHz 250 kW, Made in USSR Sender war heute auf 6150 kHz zugange.
73 wb

Some quick report this Nov 20 morning:

As always 5040 kHz Bauta never be on air in 6-7 UT slot.
This morning Quivican was on real 6150even channel - instead of 6000 kHz,
RHC En 6-7 UT, \\ 6100even, and 6060.004 kHz.
R Rebelde Bauta overmodulated on 5025even.
6165 kHz Bauta was on air shortly after 06 UT, but
had left/break the air already when checked twice in the hour to 07 UT.

Tiny signal of Asmara ERI at 0612 UT on 7180.020 kHz,
but not on 7140.020 kHz,
nothing traced of 7120 kHz from Somaliland on Nov 20.

Regular sce in Hausa and English these days from Abuja Nigeria.
7254.939 kHz at 0617 UT, S=9+15dB here in Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium.

6049.985 very low modulated supposedly R ELWA Monrovia, S=6 poor 0622 UT.

4885.023 kHz the only 60mb stn from Brasil, R Clube do Para with usual nice
sweety music program.

7504.998 wandered few Hertz downwards at 0630 UT. WRNO  Pastor sermon En.

9420.003 kHz The Greek language usual phone-in program, only S=5 in NJ-US,
bad propagation path this morning across the Atlantic ocean.

9630.511 kHz at 0635 UT R Aparecida from Aparecida. S=7-8 in NJ. 0636 UT.

9664.738 R Voz Missionaria S=7 in \\ 5939.733 kHz, rather S=8 though.

6010.017 poor signal, probably from Colombia, tentat. Voz de tu Conciencia.
0649 UT on Tuesday Nov 20.

6069.986 kHz CFRX Toronto, usual deep Canadian nighttime program,
phone-in talk by two men, S=8 in Edmonton and NJ-US at 0655 UT.

73 wb
unfortunately the remote Perseus SDR stn at Doha Qatar is out of service
this week, so limited access to the Arabian peninsula,
ARS, OMA, SOM, ERI, ETH etc. etc., radio world.

Nor one beep heard of the eastern Thailand SDR installation these days.
Unfortunately !

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20)

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