[A-DX] Broad Spectrum Radio - Radiogram#20 (via US remote SDR)

Di Okt 2 15:13:24 CEST 2018

"....BSR Radiogram #20
for 1st tx in October 2019                                               
<=== etwas seiner Zeit voraus...
a production of James M. Branum, KG5JST
and BroadSpectrumRadio.come <=== das zusätzliche "e" wohl ein typo

In this episode, we are celebrating Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel 
Bermúdez address to the United Nations as well as his visits with Cuban 
solidarity activists and Cuban-Americans.
But first, just a reminder that we love QSL reports. Please send them to 
us at  or post them on the facebook for our 
friends at the Shortwave Radiogram at 




Also diesmal sehr Kubanisch, das BSR-radiogram.

List source: userlistAOKI.txt, file date 2018/10/02 11:52
         kHz: 7730
     UTC/PSN: 0700-0800
     Days/PI: 1 (Mo)
    Language: English
     Station: WRMI Broad Spectrum Radio
     Country: USA (United States)
Transmitter: Okeechobee13
    Latitude: 27.4500 (27N26'60")
   Longitude: -80.9333 (80W55'60")
  Modulation: AM
  Power (kW): 100
      Target: 285                <====  Zielgebiet ist Nordamerika, in 
Europa kommt damit nicht mehr viel an.
    Distance: 7859 km
     Bearing: 290°
       Notes: RMI a18
     Details: From United States
QTH locator: EL97mk88aa