[A-DX] Asfakttelegrafen an Saale&Unstrut

TLindenthal at t-online.de
Sa Sep 8 20:21:25 CEST 2018

gestern Abend gegen 19:15 UTC gelang mir für ca. 1 min. der recht deutliche 
und gute Empfang der Asfalttelegrafen in Mertendorf auf 1593 kHz. Eine ID 
war leider nicht drin, aber auf Nachfrage bestätigte Torleif dies.
" ...
Hello Thomas.


Thank you very much for your reception report.


200 % QSL with your report and your details!


737 kilometers distance between my QTH and Mertendorf !!


I have received reception Reports from many places around Sweden, 3 from 
Finland, Mauno Ritola from

Joensuu, east Finland , near the Russian border, 1100 kilometers !!


And 3 reports from Germany, outside Lübeck, Berlin and you!!


Yes, I know, this frequency is well used by Romania.


It was this frequency PTS, Post and Telecom Authority in Stockholm gave me.


I´m on air now this evening and night until 02,00 UTC.


Try go put in the station ID on the hour.


So, 200 % QSL .


Good luck if you try again.


My TX leave 320 watt to an ”L-antenna” 22 meter vertical vire , and from 22 
meter above the ground, the Wire

Is horizontal 22 meters.


7 Ground plane wires of 50 meters each is connected to the feeding Point in 
the antenna system.


Locator: JO67KR.


Thanks for your lines.


If you send over your postal adress, I can send over an paper QSL !








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G33DDC+15m K9AY

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