[A-DX] Log: 918, AIR, 1625..UC, Vn, 28.09.18

Wolfgang Bueschel
Sa Sep 29 00:00:11 CEST 2018

re AIR Live Sportübertragung.
ja, das geht den ganzen Tag schon so ...
73 wolfgang

INDIA   4809.998 kHz  AIR Bhopal in Hindi scheduled, heard live sports
transmission report. Heard at 1147 UT on Sept 28 at S=9+20dB or -52dBm
signal level. At 1340 UT alternate Hindi/English live sports txion.

4869.905 kHz  AIR Delhi Kingsway intermodulation mixture of Voice of Kashmir
or AIR Nepali (?) sce and sports match? live coverage in mixed Hindi/English
language, noted at 1320 UT on Sept 28. S=9+25dB or -49dBm fair signal.

Much odd fq these days from Kingsway, always something wrong
with AIR gear.

4910.003 kHz AIR Jaipur in probably Hindi language, S=9+30dB or -45dBm
around 1250 UT on Sept 28. Also live sports txion around 1333 UT,
\\ Bhopal 4810v kHz.

All heard in remote SDR unit at Delhi India location.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

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From: "'Jose Jacob, VU2JOS'  [dx_india]"
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2018 6:20 AM
Subject: [dx_india] AIR Gangtok 6085

AIR Gangtok is operating on 6085 at 0630-0930 UTC for long time now
according to info from the station.

Earlier they used to operate for special broadcasts only.
Yours sincerely,

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS. National Institute of Amateur Radio
Hyderabad, India Mobile: +91 94416 96043

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From: "Herbert Meixner" <>
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Subject: [A-DX] Log: 918, AIR, 1625..UC, Vn, 28.09.18
Radio hören bildet ;-)
Cricket, nehme ich an.
Spieluebertragung Bangla Desh gegen Indien mit vielen IDs
O = 3 in USB
S = 6
Mit Gruss,
3160 Traisen
NRD 535 DG, Miniwhip