[A-DX] Log: 1470 kHz, Vaughan Radio, Lima, Peru

Sa Apr 20 23:57:02 CEST 2019

Am 15.04.2019 um 22:01 schrieb Christoph Ratzer:
> Seit einigen Tagen ist die neue peruanische Station Vaughan Radio aus Lima morgens auch in Salzburg zu hören. Man sendet seit Anfang März auf der Mittelwelle 1470 kHz, die Ausbreitung begünstigt den Empfang zum Sonnenaufgang gegen 0420 UT in Salzburg.

wäre dann also:
===> https://grupovaughan.com/vaughan-radio/#

Server Status:           Server is currently up and public.
Stream Status:           Stream is up at 128 kbps with 16 of 750
listeners (15 unique)
Listener Peak:           288
Average Listen Time:     27h 30m 08s
Stream Title:            : Vaughan Radio :
Content Type:            audio/mpeg
Stream Genre:            Talk Educational
Stream URL:              http://www.vaughanradio.com

Nur noch im Cache:

"Richard Vaughan (born November 9, 1951 in Houston, Texas) is an English
teacher who has created radio[1] and TV shows[2] that serve as learning
platforms with over 2.5 million viewers or listeners. He is also the
chairman and CEO of Vaughan Systems,[3] a language-training company that
runs language learning programs in Spain.

After growing up in Houston, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Vaughan
graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in Spanish Language
and Literature and Philosophy. He spent his third year of higher
education in Madrid, Spain, returning there after graduation in 1974,
where he began his career in English teaching. In early 1975, after a
four-month experience with the Berlitz School of Languages, he began to
free-lance in the teaching trade, which led to the creation of his own
company, Vaughan Systems, in 1977. In 1986, he obtained an MBA from the
Spanish institution IESE.
Over the first 25 years, his company focused on the corporate training
segment, providing in-class group and private language training in
addition to residential courses, in Spain.
Richard Vaughan continues to manage Vaughan Systems, the company he
founded in 1977."


Vaughan Radio     1470 AM     OAU-4B     Grupo Vaughan

Vor-Nutzer der Frequenz:

En el año 2014 Radio Capital lanzó su propio canal de televisión,
Capital TV en el canal 3.1 de la TDT, con programación radial en vivo y
algunos programas de producción original.
El 9 de marzo de 2017, Phillip Butters fue despedido del Grupo RPP por
incumplir con las normas éticas de la corporación.
El 1 de marzo de 2019, la radio dejo de emitir su señal en los 1470
AM.    <=== QRT Radio Capital - Lima 1470 kHz

In Spanien auf FM:

Zurück nach Lima:


It's official! @vaughan_radio is now in the air in Peru! Find us on 1470
AM in Lima! 🇵🇪
04:40 - 2. März 2019

‏ @CarlosBalorama
Antwort an @imkylemillar @vaughan_radio und
Great news indeed. But now you guys have a little problem, until now you
were talking to Spanish people, but just in this moment you are talking
to people from South Ame. Have in mind that South Ame. Spanish is quite
different to Spanish. ¿Conducir o manejar? That's the question
07:30 - 2. März 2019

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