[A-DX] "New Android based DRM (Digital Radio Modiale) decoding app"

Fr Aug 2 21:02:02 CEST 2019


DRM-Decoding aus einem puren Audio-Signal ??
Ist das "Mumpitz" ?

Oder doch "besser"  ein  10 kHz ZF-Signal......

"....Here are some tips that may help you in picking up our broadcasts. 
If you live in an area where the signal is weak, you may want to 
consider turning off nearby CFLs or LED lights to reduce electrical 
noise. If you are using an SDR with selectable filters, a 12kHz filter 
usually works better than a 10kHz filter. ..."

Was nach einem 10 kHz breiten DRM-Signal aussieht, theoretisch.

There is some exciting news that is worth sharing. KTWR will resume 
regular DRM broadcasts next week. The schedule will be as follows, 
starting the week of 5 August through at least the next seven weeks and 
probably through the end of the A19 broadcast season:

  Day                        Freq Time 
Region                             Power
Monday               11580kHz 1215-1245UTC                   South Asia 90kW
Tuesday               11995kHz 1026-1056UTC                   ANZ/South 
Pacific              50kW
Wednesday        11995kHz 1026-1056UTC 
China                                    50kW
Thursday             11995kHz 1026-1056UTC                    
Japan/Korea 50kW
Each week will have different broadcast parameters that will affect 
decode rates and audio quality.


"! Du hast keine Geräte."

Ja, tatsächlich, kein Einziges.......      ;-)