[A-DX] Fwd: Shortwave Radiogram, 1-4 August 2019

So Aug 4 19:29:36 CEST 2019

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Datum: 	Sun, 4 Aug 2019 17:59:22 +0200
Von: 	Roger <>
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"....There were not very many responses last week to my question about
whether you prefer “natural” line wrapping versus the CR/LF that I
usually put at column 65 (or less). But the answers I did get favored
the line breaks at 65. We will try it again this weekend: Natural
wrapping in the MFSK32 news item (Ethiopia trees), and the line breaks
in the MFSK64 news items.

.....Analysis is prepared by Roger in Germany
(where you can see the difference between the natural line breaks versus
the CR/LF at 65 columns)......."


I prefer the usual line break at 65 characters.
A line width across a full monitor width is tedious to read, as you also
need to move your head.
German sources also recommend this value of about 65 characters:

     Sowohl zu lange als auch zu kurze Zeilen wirken abschreckend
     50–70 Zeichen bei einspaltigem Text in 8–11 pt Schriftgröße,
     40–50 Zeichen bei mehrspaltigem Text

".....Tipp #6 ¦ Ziele auf eine optimale Zeilenlänge
Um die 66 Zeichen gelten als optimale Länge einer Zeile. Halte dich in
einem Bereich von 45 bis 75 Zeichen (mit Leerzeichen) auf und alles wird
gut. Ansonsten fällt das Lesen zunehmend schwerer. Der Besucher verliert
Zeilen und muss immerzu den Faden wiederfinden. Dabei fühlt er unwohl
und bricht den Lesevorgang ab........"

For a better comparison, I have wrapped the text without CR / LF in a
second version with Notepad++ at 65 characters:

For devices with narrow displays that does not matter, but with a 24
inch monitor and super-long lines I have to move my head constantly.
That swirls my thoughts confused.   ;-)