[A-DX] #168 / Reception in São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL - August 20, 2019

Rudolf Grimm
Di Aug 20 15:56:50 CEST 2019

August 20, 2019 (Time in UTC) 
Rx: KiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL, São Bernardo) 
Antenna: Mini Whip PA0RDT
ASCENSION ISL.: 17800 kHz Deutsche Welle, via Georgetown, Hausa, 20/08 2345.
Pop song, male + female communication in Hausa language. 35543 (RG). Tx
w/55° Az to Western Africa. 
GERMANY: 17830 kHz Radiuo Farda, via Biblis, Persian, 20/08 1352.
International pop song, male communication. 35543 (RG). Tx w/85° Az to
Central Asia. 
MADAGASCAR: 17605 kHz Adventist World Radio, via Talata-Volondry, Vietn,
20/08 2332. Christian songs by YL. Male communication. 25552 (RG). Tx w/65°
Az to Southern Asia (Vietnam). 
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: 7305 kHz Radio Vaticana, via Greenville, PP, 20/08
0100. RV interval signal, male communication, 'Radio Vaticano', instrumental
music, religious subjects. 35543 (RG). Tx w/164° Az, from Greenville to
Northern Brazil. 

Again, about this logging from 14/08: UNID: 15016 USB Emergency Action
Message Station (t), ??, EE, 14/08 1502. Slow alphabetical characters and
numbers. A very different form from a spy station, which can sometimes
confuse the listener. Already heard before. I cannot guess the origin of
this transmission. I lightly attribute the possibility of being a US coastal
station. Can anyone help in this case? 35553 (RG). 
I receive a commentary from Patrick Robic - Germany (15/08): " This is a US
Air Force Frequency with various transmitter sites all over the globe. A
clear ID of the site is usually only possible when they do local test
counts. 73, Patrick". Thanks Patrick!!! 
(RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502 SWL 
São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL 
YouTube Channel: GrimmSBC