[A-DX] LRA36 off the air?

So Dez 1 08:38:01 CET 2019

Am 01.12.2019 um 06:43 schrieb Manuel Méndez:
> Manuel Méndez
> Lugo, Spain
> Yes Glenn, LRA 36 out of air for about one month. The current staff 
> will soon return to Argentina and  maybe they won't come back until 
> about March 2020 with the new staff of Base Esperanza.Other years was 
> like that.
> Best 73,s
> Manuel Méndez 

Thanks for this information.
This explains why there were no other activities on the stream in 
November 2019.
The last data I could find on Tuesday, 29.10.2019.  (audio from about 
09.20 LT (local time) Argentina  = 12.20z

Here is the sonogram of the entire file (12.20-14.40z),  the last 8 
minutes: "ASPEN 102.3":

Here's a snippet from the beginning:

It also mentions (among others) the FM frequency of 96.7 MHz. Everywhere 
on the internet, however, one finds old information about a "97.6 MHz" 
outside the American FM-pattern, which would be illogical.
A confirmation of the "96.7" can also be found here:

At the end of the LRA-36 transmission there was audio from a station 
called: Conexión Aspen on 102.3 FM
(01:30 min ID)

Conexión Aspen 102.3 FM, Buenos Aires:

At times, the LRA-36 stream had quite a few dropouts and a noise fade 
like over an FM link of a few dozen miles.