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Fr Feb 1 18:34:07 CET 2019

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Radio eBooks for download

There are a number of vintage radio and amateur radio related eBooks
available for free download on the Gutenberg site

Among them is the 1922 edition of The Radio Amateur's Handbook by
A. Frederick Collins.

Jarno de Haan @PA3DMI tweeted a link that will display the books




Leider Pech für Leser mit deutscher IP:
"....A Court in Germany ordered that access to certain items in the 
Project Gutenberg collection are blocked from Germany."
"....All IP addresses in Germany are blocked. This block will remain in 
place until legal guidance changes. "

Ich bin dann nun einmal kurz über die Grenze gefahren, rein virtuell, 
in's Böhmische, von da aus keine Probleme. ;-)