[A-DX] e-mail von Carillon Wellbeing Radio angekommen

Horst Mehrlich
Mo Feb 4 17:34:44 CET 2019

Der Bericht wurde geschickt an:  

Obwohl ich bei einem Zeitraum von 2 Stunden nur drei Lieder erkannte.

Die gelbe Farbe stammt nicht von mir.

Kann mir jemand sagen was dies bedeutet, "G4DCE", steht vor "Hermitage FM

Thanks for your report on the reception of CWR (Carillon Wellbeing Radio)
on 1476kHz AM.

I can confirm that your report is correct and it was indeed us that you
have been tuned into.

Reception reports are extremely valuable to us and do help considerably in
aligning equipment and aerials, especially at a new location here in
Coalville, Leicestershire.

The antenna design is something that we have not tried before and is
constructed based upon the ideas from Radio Caroline some years ago on the
Ross Revenge. The aerial is helical in construction, 23.8 metres high made
from fibre glass and is totally self supporting. It is top loaded by
capacitance hat and tuned by two internal coils.

The transmitter is of a conventional design consisting of two rigs into a

Thank you for your support and I wish you Gud DX.

Best wishes



Hermitage FM 99.2

Carillon Radio 1386/1431

CWR 1476

Gruß Horst

QTH Bardudvarnok / HNG
RX AOR 7030/FCD2
30 m LW