[A-DX] Log vom Dat: 31.01.2019 / Radio International (Voice Of theReport of theWeek) / UTC; 10:00-10:05 / SINPO: 45333 /

Horst Mehrlich
Mi Feb 6 17:14:44 CET 2019

Heute gekommen, auf meine Anfrage, zwecks Störung am Anfang der Sendung,
oder gewollte mx während ID und Durchsagen.
Dear Horst, thank you for your reception report! It is great to hear that
you were able to receive our broadcast! I hope with sincerity that you can
be a regular listener to this program. The music at the start was an
accident at the Channel 292 transmitter facility.

Gruß Horst

QTH Bardudvarnok / HNG
RX AOR 7030/FCD2
30 m LW