[A-DX] Shortwave Radiogram, 15-17 February 2019

Fr Feb 15 18:24:15 CET 2019

Am 15.02.2019 um 16:35 schrieb kd9xb:
> Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is in MFSK32 and MFSK64, and if 
> reception is /really/ bad, a brief segment in the robust but very slow 
> Olivia 64-2000. (See/hear/decode 
> <http://swradiogram.net/post/182706526127/an-excerpt-of-shortwave-radiogram-program-86-10> 
> an example of Olivia 64-2000 in awful conditions from last weekend. 
> Most listeners experienced reception good enough that Olivia 64-2000 
> was not necessary.)

As a reminder, a few stress tests of digital modes against pure noise or 
multipath. Depending on the proportion of both components, there are 
different winners.
OL64-2K is great in terms of very high delay, but against pure noise  
other were scored better:


However, the most robust (decoded with FLDIGI) mode was THOR Micro: