[A-DX] LW 252 IRL

Marc Coevoet
Di Feb 19 22:56:09 CET 2019

Op 19/02/19 om 12:08 schreef Wolfgang Bueschel:
> Am Donnerstag zwei Stunden Wartungspause
> auf der Langwelle 252 kHz in Irland,
> eine wichtige Radio Installation für Zehntausende der
> irischen Volksgruppe in Großbritannien, vor allem der älteren Generation.
> 73 wb

It would be much better when they changed freq to 261khz, to select a 
clear channel...

In the evening, it must be impossible to hear EIRE in the UK.

I have a window of less than 5° where I can hear EIRE at night, the rest 
is Algeria.

With a car radio ...  only Algeria will come in at night.

Location:Vleteren, Belgium

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