[A-DX] Carillon Wellbeing Radio 1476kHz Antennen-Details

Gerald Kallinger
Mi Jan 2 15:38:50 CET 2019

In einer e-Mail Bestätigung schreibt Janet Sketchley von Carillon Wellbeing
Radio über die verwendete Antenne und den Sender:


Reception reports are extremely valuable to us and do help considerably in
aligning equipment and aerials, especially at a new location here in
Coalville, Leicestershire.


The antenna design is something that we have not tried before and is
constructed based upon the ideas from Radio Caroline some years ago on the
Ross Revenge. The aerial is helical in construction, 23.8 metres high made
from fibre glass and is totally self supporting. It is top loaded by
capacitance hat and tuned by two internal coils. Hopefully it will prove fit
for purpose and we are watching it very closely over twenty eight
consecutive testing days.


The transmitter is of a conventional design consisting of two rigs into a


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