[A-DX] Fw: Reception of Radio Kahuzi. 6210.20

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mi Jan 2 17:59:49 CET 2019

CONGO Dem. Rep.

die letzten Tage gab es einige Hinweise auf R Kahuzi, ausgedehnt wegen der
dortigen örtlichen Wahlsendungen.

Im Juli hatte der legendäre David Foster* aus Australien die Station in
Afrika gehört.

* er hatte die Indonesien / PNG TB Listen in 1975 heraus gegeben.

Gray Zone ist jetzt zwischen Kigali und Kinshasa. 16.50 UT

Trotzdem ist nur ein dünnes Signälchen bei 6210.188 kHz gemessen zu sehen,
fast nicht zu hören mit S=4-5 oder -98dBm.

Aber die großen Ohren werden die Antennen schon gen 170 Grad auslegen. 73 wb

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From: "Mauno_Ritola" <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2019 5:40 PM
Subject: Re: [WOR] Reception of Radio Kahuzi. 6210.20

> Thanks for the tip. Your signal is great. Also heard here in Finland on
> hardly readable level at 1600 and s/off at 1611. Measured 6210.19 kHz
> today. Probably being on after sunset due to elections.
> 73, Mauno
> Glenn Hauser via Groups.Io kirjoitti 2.1.2019 klo 7:25:
>> Hi Glenn
>> Thought I would send this to you -- not sure how frequently this station
>> has been reported, but it shows what a bit of determination and skill
>> when tuning the Kiwi SDR network can bring.
>> I was checking for Europirates on new year day in the 1730 - 1745 UTC
>> range, and noticed a station on 6210.20 -- it was clearly African in
>> nature, and I had a thought that it could be something from Africa rather
>> than some relay in Europe or some pirate with an African flavor.  The
>> Kiwi site was the http://southwest.ddns.net:8073/
>> It sounded like some sort of special new years broadcast -- announcer
>> mentioning various locations in Africa, including "Rwanda and
>> Tanzania....." and "Senegal......"  There was a music bed beneath him --
>> I had to resort to LSB reception to null out some maritime talkers on or
>> nearby the frequency.
>> Around 1745-1747 the announcer was clearly beginning to end the program,
>> and sure enough there was an instrumental piece, then what sounded like
>> an interval signal instrumental, then an abrupt shutdown at 1747.
>> Give a listen to the attached mp3 -- I threw this out to a number of
>> experienced DX'ers and Ron Howard came back with the following item which
>> I assume was on DXLD, though I can't seem to locate it.  Anyway, it does
>> appear that what I heard is the very rare Radio Kahuzi -- a wonderful new
>> year's present, kind of a throwback to the good ol days (Dan Robinson,
>> Jan 2, 2019, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
>> viz.:
>> ** CONGO. 6210, R. Kahuzi, Bukavu. Not too far away across the border in
>> DR Congo
>> so no surprise the signal was good. African music at 1735 but had signed
>> off by 1748
>> check on 20/7 [July 20]. Irregular as not noted on other occasions while
>> we were in East Africa.
>> >From Uganda: We went to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to see the fabulous
>> >mountain
>> gorillas. A couple of African signals penetrated the impenetrable –
>> WITH DAVID FOSTER, Oct [2018] Australian DX News via DXLD)