[A-DX] Blitzeinschlag in MDG

Wolfgang Bueschel
Fr Jan 11 21:48:21 CET 2019

das hatten wir hier in der A-DX ng noch nicht ?
z.Zt. nüssscht auf 11965 und 13710 kHz zu hören.

seit 3 Tagen ein Thema,
siehe Ivo / Glenn Bericht:

MADAGASCAR. 11965 kHz, Jan 10 at 2104, no signal from MWV in
Portuguese. Have not checked specifically for the APR English hours,
18 on 13670 and 20 on 11965, but caradio memory scans have failed to
land on anything there for a day or two. That`s because, as Ivo Ivanov

"On Jan. 7 no signal of KNLS Madagascar World Voice MWV. From the
staff of Madagascar World Voice wrote: "We have a problem with
Madagascar here. Yesterday there was a storm and lightning struck the
station started a fire and the transformer burned out. So while
broadcasting of Madagascar will not. The exact date of repair is
unknown because the new transformer must be brought from the
mainland". Winter B18 of MWV:
(Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, WORLD OF RADIO 1964, DX LISTENING DIGEST)"

Apparently this knocked both transmitters out. Does ``mainland`` here
refer to Africa or America? Keep an ear on all frequencies for any

Die brauchen bei MWV Mahajanga einen neuen Transformator aus den USA.
Wer die zeitmäßigen ausgedehnten Kämpfe mit dem Madgascar Zoll / Regierung
bei der Errichtung der dortigen Sendeanlage erlebt hat,
dem 'schwant' nichts Gutes.