[A-DX] Radio Timtron Worldwide live now on WBCQ 9330

Sa Jun 29 01:50:52 CEST 2019

Am 29.06.2019 um 01:02 schrieb radiofreemountairy:
> Radio Timtron Worldwide is on live now (2301 UTC Friday) on WBCQ 9330. 
> He is also planning on doing Allan's show tonight at 0000.
> Regards,
Server Status:        Server is currently up and public.
Stream Status:        Stream is up at 128 kbps with 3 of 132 listeners 
(3 unique)
Listener Peak:        11
Average Listen Time:  7m 22s
Stream Title:         WXNZ
Content Type:         audio/mpeg
Stream Genre:         Alternative
Stream URL:           http://www.wxnz.org<=== "WXNZ-LP - HooSkow Radio 
is your community radio station!"
Stream ICQ:           NA
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Stream IRC:           #audiorealm
Current Song:         Radio Timtron Worldwide<=======

ID  +  QRG's  nom.:     "....9330  //  3265..."   (?)

"......Tim *Timtron* Smith............"