[A-DX] Radio Timtron Worldwide live now on WBCQ 9330

Sa Jun 29 03:01:55 CEST 2019

Am 29.06.2019 um 02:33 schrieb Roger:
> https://jars.net/newsletters/Organ201803.pdf
> PDF Seite 6:
> "....ARRL turned to AM guru and veteran broadcast engineer Tim "Timtron"
> Smith, WA1HLR, of Skowhegan, Maine, to handle shifting the BC-1T from
> 1,340 kHz to the ham bands. Timtron not only has been an AM mainstay on
> 75 and 40 meters over the years, he's engineered all manner of AM, FM,
> and HF broadcast transmitters in his extensive career.

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