[A-DX] Reception in São Bernardo SP - BRAZIL / March 9, 2019

Rudolf Grimm
So Mär 10 02:04:51 CET 2019

March 9, 2019 (Time in UTC) 
Rx: KiwiSDR (São Bernardo SP) + PA0RDT Mini Whip Antenna 

9400 kHz BULGARIA: The Overcomer Ministry, via Kostinbrod, EE, 09/03 1902.
Religious px, preacher, 'last days, Bible, God...'. 25442 (RG). Tx w/126º
Az, from Kostinbrod to Asia. 
9425 kHz NORTH KOREA: Voice of Korea, Kujang, Kor, 09/03 1907. The
well-known style of North Korean songs by a choir. Male and female voice
communication. 25332 (RG). Tx w/325º Az, from Kujang to Europe. 
9660 kHz TAIWAN: Radio Taiwan International, Kouhu, Ch, 09/03 1250. Male
communication, a strong jamming.... 12321 (RG). Tx w/267º Az, from Kouhu to
southern China. 
9990 kHz KUWAIT: Radio Farda, Kuwait City, Persian, 09/03 1258. A song by
male voice, time pips, YL: nx (?). 25332 (RG). Tx w/58º Az, from Kuwait to
11885 kHz GUAM: KSDA-Adventist World Radio Guam, Agat, Korean, 09/03 1310. A
Christian message by female voice. Instrumental mx. OM: talk. 25222 (RG). Tx
w/330º Az, from Agat to South & North Korea. Reception was only possible
with the use of a headphone. 
12050 kHz UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: EWTN, Vandiver AL, SS, 09/03 1403. The
usual Catholic programming and the usual EWTN voices. Christian issues: God,
Mary. 25442 (RG). Tx from Vandiver w/155º Az to Central America and to the
north of South America. 

(RG) - Rudolf Grimm  
São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL   
YouTube Channel: GrimmSBC