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Fr Mär 15 08:25:00 CET 2019

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Betreff: 	Re: [WOR] [odxa] "HooSkow Radio", 3265 kHz.
Datum: 	Thu, 14 Mar 2019 15:29:43 +0000 (UTC)
Von: 	Glenn Hauser via Groups.Io <wghauser=

I can only barely detect 3264.9 over a night path. Just turned on here 
and haven`t read all the posts yet, but for those unaware, WXNZ is the 
LP at Timtron`s hometown he is also involved with; that`s the connexion 
to WBCQ and programming from there has appeared much before on WBCQ 
frequencies. 73, Glenn Hauser

On Thu, 3/14/19, Walter Salmaniw <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [WOR] [odxa] "HooSkow Radio", 3265 kHz.
To: >
Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019, 6:14 AM
at 06:12 UTC from the west coast.   Sgnal is just barely
visible on my Perseus, but very good reception via remote
SDR in New York.  WXNZ ID just before 06:14.   Thanks for
the heads up!   73, Walt Salmaniw.
On Thu, Mar 14,
2019 at 5:31 AM John Hudak <>
Picked up "HooSkow
Radio" on 3265 kHz.  Their call is WXNZ.  Looked it
up and they're a small low power community FM station
broadcasting on 98.1 MHz. from an old jail in Skowhegan,
Maine.  Nothing on their web page about this SW frequency
so maybe this is new station for them.  No mention if this
is a test or a regular broadcast.  At least I haven't
heard them before.
heard it around 0215, March 14 UTC but listened in later on
and it was still on past 0500 UTC.  Played a wide variety
of music.  At first they were playing a lot of early 20th
century tunes from the 1920s and 1930s.  At 0235 UTC there
was an ad for a company "Victrola Repair Service",
located in Saint Johnsbury, VT.  Later it was mostly
classic rock music with some punk, R&B, funk, etc.
thrown in.  Earlier the signal was poor to fair but past
0400 UTC the signal improved somewhat.  I think I heard
them say they were looking for reception reports.
John Hudak
Dundas, ON

====>   "WXNZ":
Server Status:           Server is currently up and private.
Stream Status:           Stream is up at 64 kbps with 2 of 132 listeners 
(2 unique)
Listener Peak:           35
Average Listen Time:     59m 15s
Stream Title:            WXNZ
Content Type:            audio/mpeg
Stream Genre:            Alternative
Stream URL:              http://www.wxnz.org
Stream ICQ:              NA
Stream AIM:              NA
Stream IRC:              #audiorealm
Current Song:


aus irgendwelchen Gründen habe ich noch folgende IP in meiner 
damaliger Status:
#EXTINF:0,[ICY 401 Service Unavailable]
(aber eben offener Port)

Momentan dort Aktivitäten:
Server Status:           Server is currently up and public.
Stream Status:           Stream is up at 192 kbps with 4 of 100 
listeners (2 unique)
Listener Peak:           10
Average Listen Time:     1h 05m 09s
Stream Title:            The Tommy Edison Showgram
Content Type:            audio/mpeg
Stream Genre:            Various
Stream URL:              http://blindfilmcritic.com/radio
Stream ICQ:              NA
Stream AIM:              NA
Stream IRC:              #audiorealm
Current Song:            Leroy Anderson - The Syncopated Clock

Vermutlich lief/läuft dieses Programm auch über WBCQ.
Passt in den vermerkten timeslot:
Mondays    9:00pm – 1:00am Eastern
Thursdays 12:00am – 4:00am Eastern   <=== theoretisch bis  09.00 CET  
(da 5 h Differenz zur EDT)
[NA momentan Sommerzeit, wir noch nicht, daher nur 5h zu NY]

"The Tommy Edison Showgram"  - interessantes Programm - zumal  in  192 
kbps mp3, bekommt man auch keinen digitalen Ohrenkrebs.