[A-DX] Fwd: 9800 Nippon no Kaze via TAIWAN 1505z

Sa Mär 30 01:12:27 CET 2019

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Betreff: 	[WOR] 9800 Nippon no Kaze via TAIWAN 1505z
Datum: 	Fri, 29 Mar 2019 08:28:05 -0700
Von: 	Steven Wiseblood <

9800 TAIWAN (JAPAN-non) Nippon no Kaze (Japan wind) Tamsui District: 
1505z Woman in Korean, 1511z brief instrumental music filler, more talk 
bu W in KR, 1515z M in KR with talk. Fair (Wiseblood TX  3/29)



「ふるさとの風」放送時間       (Furusato no kaze - Sendeplan)

22時30分~22時57分 周波数:7295kHz(300kw)、9705kHz(300kw)、9965kHz(100kw)
23時30分~24時00分 周波数:7295kHz(300kw)、9560kHz(300kw)、9960kHz(100kw)
25時00分~25時30分 周波数:6045kHz(300kw)、9690kHz(300kw)、9975kHz(100kw)
26時00分~26時30分 周波数:6155kHz(300kw)

「日本の風」放送時間              (Nihon no kaze  - Sendeplan)

22時00分~22時30分 周波数:7295kHz(300kw)、9705kHz(300kw)、9965kHz(100kw)
24時00分~24時30分 周波数:7290kHz(300kw)、9800kHz(300kw)、9975kHz(100kw)
24時30分~25時00分 周波数:7290kHz(300kw)、9800kHz(300kw)、9965kHz(100kw)
25時30分~26時00分 周波数:6155kHz(300kw)

(日本語)(3月25日~3月31日放送分)ラジオ放送   (Furusato no kaze, 
Nihongo/Japanisch) für die aktuelle Woche:

今週の「日本の風」(韓国語)(3月25日~3月31日放送分)ラジオ放送  (Nihon no 
kaze)  aktuelle Woche, in Koreanisch:


"Why Yamata transmitters can not broadcast the program of “Furusato no 
Currently 3 programs “Shiokaze”, “Furusato no Kaze” and “Nippon no Kaze” 
are broadcast towards North Korea from VT Communications, and only 
“Shiokaze” is transmitted from Yamata. Why Yamata transmitter can not 
send the message of “Furusato no Kaze" towards North Korea?
Japanese law on broadcasting says only NHK can broadcast “international 
service”. And government controlled the license of broadcasting – it is 
quite difficult to get the permission (license) of broadcasting promptly.
At the opening announcement of Shiokaze, they announce call sign as JSR. 
Exactly speaking, JSR is not call sign for “general” radio stations. 
Shiokaze got a license for “special utility broadcast” – same as Traffic 
Information Service Radio on 1620 kHz – not for “general broadcast”.
In the case of “Furusato no Kaze”, they get neither the license of 
“utility broadcast” nor “general broadcast”. And NHK reject the proposal 
of Japanese government to broadcast “Furusato no Kaze” within the 
program of Radio Japan. Thus Yamata transmitter can not send message of 
“Furusato no Kaze.”