[A-DX] "...RTE 252 kHz..." via Short Wave Radiogram # 98

Sa Mai 4 15:25:23 CEST 2019

zur Thematik:


Shortwave Radiogram now changes to Olivia 64-2000, mixed with and
15 dB under The Chieftains "The French March" from the 1982 RTÉ
mini-series "The Year of the French" ...

RSID: <<2019-05-03T13:23Z OL 64-2K @ 15770000+1500>>

This is Shortwave Radiogram in Olivia 64-2000

 From Southgate Amateur Radio News:

Irish Long Wave Station gets two year extension

28 April 2019

The Irish radio station RTE on 252 kHz is one of the few still
operating on the long wave band in Europe.

Although it was scheduled to close in June of 2019, it has now
been given a new lease of life with an upgrade to the
transmission mast.

It will now stay in service for a minimum of two more years.

The Irish diaspora in Britain are some of the main users of the
service and they had been lobbying for it to continue.


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Hier das Sonogram der 30 Minuten: