[A-DX] log 5800

Marc Coevoet
Di Mai 21 01:10:42 CEST 2019

Op 21/05/19 om 00:06 schreef Tom DF5JL:
> 5800 kHz now  ID Zenith Classic Rock  SINPO 44434  in JO30ko  RX R-2000
> Ant 16.2 m wire UnUn
> 73 Tom Df5JL

I was tuning a Sony ST137 tuner, and got some stations on 60 meters, eg 
5140 english with orchestral music from the ... 50s or so ...

I received 5800 too.

The Sony is an analog tuner, I checked freqs with a digital sw radio.
It gives a good sound, free from noise with a 7m wire in the garden ...


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