[A-DX] Concerning MLA30

Christof Proft
Mo Nov 18 14:26:05 CET 2019

Hi Mark,

Am 18.11.2019 um 00:03 schrieb Marc Coevoet:
> I ordered the MLA 30.  It is in an airplane now...
> Some considerations.
> It is clear, and attractive to replace the standard loop on the MLA30 
> with another, bigger loop.  It won't be possible to try all loops for 
> some reason: the antenna amplifier expects some kind of inductiveness, 
> and will not work well when it is too large (larger loop or more turns = 
> larger inductiveness) or too small.
> I own a Bose tuner, which is ok for AM, it asks 12µH, when I apply a too 
> large loop, I get mirrors all over the AM band.  It is not difficult to 
> hear Caroline over some 100khz wide ...
> I make single loops in 16mm PVC pipe, my garden contains one of 
> 2x2meters!  It performs well on eg BBC Cambridgeshire 1026khz, 558khz of 
> 1584khz ... with *some* of my tuners ... Other loops are 1x1meter, 
> 1.5x1.5meters.
buy a STAMPFL Blue Wave, put it in a suitable (aluminium) housing for 
Outdoor use and apply it to a copper or aluminium loop. The PVC shit 
will not least long in the sunlight.

The performance of the Blue Wave is better, the circuitery is well 
documented and it's repairable.


Kauft Euch eine STAMPFL Blue Wave, baut die in ein geeignetes 
Aludruckgußgehäuse und schließt sie an eine Loop aus Kupfer oder 
Aluminium an. Der PVC-ScheiXX hält in der Sonne nicht sehr lange.

Die Performance der Blue Wave ist besser, die Schaltung komplett 
dokumentiert und reparierbar.