[A-DX] #181 / Reception in São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL - October 6, 2019

Rudolf Grimm
So Okt 6 19:06:28 CEST 2019

October 6, 2019 (Time in UTC) 
Rx: KiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL - São Bernardo SP BRAZIL) 
Antenna: PA0RDT Mini Whip 
BRAZIL: 540 kHz Radio Mirador, Rio do Sul SC, Portuguese, 05/10 0904.
Brazilian song (Chico Rei e Paraná, the singers), TC: 'Radio Mirador, 6
horas e 4 minutos'. 35543 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 1440 kHz Radio Azul, Americana SP, Portuguese, 30/09 1456. Male
communication, news bulletin, id: 'Radio Azul'. 35533 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 1460 kHz Radio Clube Ararense, Araras SP, Portuguese, 30/09 1512.
Id: 'Você está na Clube... Debate do Meio Dia...'. 35543 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 1480 kHz Radio Atibaia, Atibaia SP, Portuguese, 30/09 1501. Advs w/
mention to Atibaia, id: 'Radio Atibaia...'. 25542 (RG). 
DJIBOUTI (t): 1431 kHz Voice of America (600 kW!!!), via Djibouti, Arabic
(?), 03/10 0105. Male communication (VoA style), a typical song by male
voice. 15431 (RG). A headphone used... A good carrier, signal with long
fading. RR sent to qsl @ usagm . org . 

BRAZIL: 10000 kHz Observatório Nacional, Rio de Janeiro RJ, Portuguese,
30/09 1612. Time checking by YL: 'Observatório Naiconal, 16 horas, 12
minutos, 0 segundos...' + second time pips. 35543 (RG). 

LIBERIA: 6050 kHz ELWA, Monrovia, Vernacular language, 30/09 1945. A
Christian message by male voice, Christian song by female voice, id: 'This
is ELWA Radio, Monrovia...' on 1959. On 2000 a strong QRM from PBS Xizang.
25542 (RG). A good time to listening this stations here in Brazil is daily
on 1630-1700 UTC.
NEW ZEALAND: 5945 kHz Radio New Zealand International, Rangitaiki, English
language, 05/10 0915. Pop songs, male communication in the typical English
language accent from this region, phone-nummer, 'this is your business,
hundred years,...'. 35433 (RG). Strong QRM on 0930 from Radio Voz
Missionaria 9540 kHz. 
NORTH KOREA: 6070 kHz Voice of Korea, Kanngye, Japanese language, 05/10
0935. Male communication in Japanese language, typical female choir song in
Korean language. 35543 (RG). Tx w/109° Az to Japan. 
(RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502 SWL  
São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL 
http: // dxways-br . blogspot . com   
YouTube: GrimmSBC