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Christoph Ratzer
Di Okt 8 18:18:33 CEST 2019

Neues von Klingenfuss:

Dear friends,

we're now working on our new products

- 2020 Shortwave Frequency Guide
- 2020 Super Frequency List on CD
- 2020 Frequency Database for the Perseus LF-HF Software-Defined
- Supplement January 2020 to the 2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio

to be published on 10 December 2019.

Full-resolution title page graphics can be found at
www.klingenfuss.org/r_2020.jpg and www.klingenfuss.org/r_2020.pdf
www.klingenfuss.org/s_2020.gif and www.klingenfuss.org/s_2020.pdf

If you are able to supply additional new frequencies and stations,
your cooperation would be highly appreciated. Please let us have your
data by 25 October 2019.

The printed Supplement, with 700+ new frequencies and stations
monitored throughout 2019, will be attached free to all copies of the
2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations sold after 1 January 2020.
Those customers that did acquire the 2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio
Stations before that date may download the pertinent .PDF file free
from our website, after 1 January 2020.

Says Howard E Michel WB2ITX, Chief Executive Officer of the American
Radio Relay League, in QST September 2019: "Kiwi-SDR ...   the
blending of modern, low-cost open-source computer hardware and
software with ham radio ...   This technology is accessible to
virtually everyone, everywhere." More than 460 free receivers
worldwide are currently linked e.g. on sdr.hu! Our article "Internet-
controlled SDRs", focusing on the reception of fascinating HF utility
radio stations, is available at www.klingenfuss.org/websdr.pdf .

HF is dead! Really? We've been told so ... for 52 years ;-))) Anyway,
the brandnew HFDL station in South Korea is extremely busy - 24/7 on
8 frequencies - since 27 March 2019 ... More than 800 new digital
data decoder screenshots will be published on our 2020 Super
Frequency List on CD ...    To be continued!

The incessantly updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on
USB Stick now covers more than 17,700 (seventeen thousand seven
hundred!) screenshots from 1997 to today. Feed your PC or Tablet with
this data, and the "slide show" will keep you busy for a few days -
or weeks!


Latest references (for even more see www.klingenfuss.org/ref.htm)

Bernard Marchal, Radio Club Hotel Echo, France - 10 April 2019:
"2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... Paper version still an
important and practical alternative for monitoring."

Simon Lucas M3ZYH, United Kingdom - 10 March 2019: "2019/2020 Guide
to Utility Radio Stations ... 2019 Super Frequency List on CD ...
excellent publications."

Georg Wiessala, Editor of Radio User, United Kingdom - March 2019:
"All of the 2019 editions of the equally indispensable publications
from the radio publications stable of Jörg Klingenfuss are of huge
potential interest to readers of Radio User. I have had two books, in
particular, crossing my desk this year; the 2019 Shortwave Frequency
Guide and the 2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations. - Both of
these, and other Klingenfuss products are widely used in professional
as well as hobby monitoring circles worldwide, and, in 2019, they
continue to set the benchmark for how listening guides should be
done. - The 2019 Shortwave Frequency Guide is the 23rd edition of
this excellent publication, and it, once more, offers extremely
comprehensive frequency lists of both professional HF utility and
broadcast radio stations on a global scale, including indispensable
information, such as mode, the location target area(s), transmission
times, language information, and much more besides. Don't skip over
Chapters One and Two, on monitoring utility signals, because the
depth of background information on everything from politics and
equipment offered here, is unprecedented and includes SDR receivers,
web-SDR technology, automatic monitoring and types of services, such
as HF E-Mail and others. Both the listings of utility stations, and
those on broadcast radio are prefaced by informative, and
meticulously-researched introductions, on such issues as DRM and the
future of radio. - Among all frequency guides I am aware of, the
Klingenfuss books are the only ones, which provide insightful
critical comment and analysis on the history and politics of short
wave broadcasting, touching on topics like EU regulations, Chinese
short wave dominance, the vulnerability of internet-infrastructure,
the internet, SATCOM and HF radio in dictatorial regimes, the
absurdly premature abandonment of short wave by some states - Germany
among them - and much else. This provides some much-needed context to
your DXing if you are interested in more than merely accumulating
'catches'. - A number of meaningful screenshots and an alphabetical
list of broadcast radio stations, as well as, a number of other
indices and lists of acronyms and transmission sites make this volume
complete. - If you are specialising in utility signals, you might
also wish to acquire other Klingenfuss books and CDs, such as the
2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations. The 30th edition of the
latter, which includes the 38th edition of the Guide to Radioteletype
Stations, stands out for its in-depth. There are 216+ pages of
comprehensive utility stations listings. The additional and
background details provided include information on IDs, callsigns,
classes of stations, Q/Z codes, acronyms, and much more. I
particularly liked (and used) the chapters on the A-Z of utility
stations, aeronautical, maritime mobile, meteorological and NAVTEX
transmissions. A noteworthy, and unusual, innovation in both books
has to be the content relating to the possibilities afforded for
direction-finding using the Kiwi-SDR system, which readers can find
at the end of Chapter Two (in both books). These show workflow
screenshots, which I am not aware of being offered in any other
frequency book at the moment. Whatever your slice of the hobby cake
is, you will find a wealth of information on it in here - all
significantly enriched by those indispensable, high-quality,
screenshots and auxiliary reference materials."

Bob Grove W8JHD, Review Editor, in The Spectrum Monitor, United
States of America - January 2019: "Experienced listeners to the
shortwave spectrum recognize the name Joerg Klingenfuss as the most
comprehensive publisher of accurate and timely frequency guides. At
the top of the list are his shortwave and utility guides, and the
Super Frequency List CD. Additional specialty products include
screenshots on memory sticks, code books, and signal sounds CDs. -
When we mention shortwave listening, that most commonly refers to the
monitoring of international broadcasts. For many of us, our
introduction to the world of shortwave radio was by listening to the
BBC on Grandma's Philco. The intercontinental mire of radio
broadcasts grew significantly during the mid-twentieth century and
keeping track of who was when and where on the dial became a
challenge. The listening hobby grew, and many magazines were born to
support the interest. - The 2019 Shortwave Frequency Guide ... fills
nearly three-hundred-fifty pages with numerically-ascending
frequencies, both broadcasting and utilities (the communicators) ...
The panoply includes fixed and portable / mobile and covers amateur,
maritime, aeronautical, government, commercial, military and more. -
The 2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... has nearly five-
hundred-fifty pages, packed with details of communicators around the
globe ... In addition, this volume includes a massive collection of
printouts of digital data transmissions along with their sources and
frequencies. - The 2019 Super Frequency List ... all this information
on a convenient disc so that you can access all this information on
your computer? Well, you can ... Now improved over previous editions
for ease of use, its search feature now allows you to query the usual
frequency, country call sign, modulation, start time, or station, and
also supports full-text word searches; for example, typing USAF USB
brings up lists of US Air Force, upper-sideband, communications
channels. - These publications are a must-have for the serious
shortwave listener ... also available from TSM advertisers such as
Universal Radio ... "

Michael Ickenroth DD2PX, Germany - 14 December 2018: "2019/2020 Guide
to Utility Radio Stations ... 2019 Shortwave Frequency Guide ... 2019
Super Frequency List on CD ... Weiter so! Kein anderer hat solch eine
hohe Qualität. Deine Homepage ist super. Ein wahre Fundgrube!!"

Ronald Birnbaum WY1R, United States of America - 9 December 2018:
"2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... 2019 Shortwave
Frequency Guide ... 2019 Super Frequency List on CD ... Thank you for
your service. For decades we have relied on your research and
outstanding products."


Best wishes, Joerg Klingenfuss

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73 Christoph