[A-DX] [HCDX] 11540 now 20z with an ID

Wolfgang Bueschel
So Okt 20 01:39:21 CEST 2019

Hi Zach,

Denge Welat - the Kurdistan radio voice -
is JAMMED by the Turkey Army or their security forces now ?

I was not at home on Saturday Oct 19 though, -

but Erdogan Turkey seems JAMM now the Kurdistan station program
on 11530 kHz there on that daylight fq channel
since 2 decades or so.

... someone asked me to monitor it tomorrow Sunday 20th.

> Since this morning Denge Welat on 11530 kHz is being interfered by a
> Turkish station.

> As a result the frequency of Denge Welat has been changed since 1100 UTC
> to 11540 kHz.

> In case you have the chance to identify where the Turkish station
> on 11530 kHz is coming from, that would be most appreciated.

This week in A-19 season check Denge Welat on monitor
7350 / or 9525 kHz at 0330-0500 UT

11530 / or 9525 kHz at 1330-2100 UT.

73 wolfie  df5sx

ps. 96 years after Osmanic empire collapse in 1923
after WW I,
some 35 million Kurdish nationals settle still in the Near East,
see Kurdistan area:

The Turkish NATO army invaded Syria last week.

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> 11540 ?? Turkish language 1950 shouting talks as by revolutionaries -80
> German reporter abt Kusrdistan SNR12. Manydropouts in audio
> Audio :
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/bm3uon1udc4zx3m/11540%201955%20191019%20unIDed.wma?dl=1
> Possible ID on 0430+
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