[A-DX] TIAMS#035

So Okt 27 18:21:44 CET 2019

Am 26.10.2019 um 20:38 schrieb Roger:
> Analysis of the amazing Daz-audio-patchwork TIAMS#035:
> The waveform view does not show much detail, but the spectral views
> make the breakline very clear.
> Even the traces of the used German YT-video (Kraftwerk/Radioland) can
> be seen clearly by the 50 Hz hum.

Hier die komplette HTML  mit KBC, SWRG & TIAMS:

Hier noch ein "Trick" von Daz, um bei KIWI-SDRS die doppelte
AF/NF-Bandbreite zu realisieren:
".....That second half of the program from North Carolina was recorded
from two normal KiwiSDRs, offset by plus or minus 5.9kHz so they each
only captured one sideband plus the carrier. In IQ mode that allowed
11.9kHz of audio bandwidth, but the top 2 kHz suffers some slight
aliasing so the audio was sharply lowpass filtered at 11kHz to reduce
it. You can still see some aliasing on the data around 51m right up near

Man braucht eben 2 davon, und einen Sender mit breiter Modulation (WRMI
5850 kHz)