[A-DX] Radio Nederland 6 november

M. van Arnhem
Do Okt 31 19:11:44 CET 2019

Jonathan Marks writes:
There is an academic congress about international broadcasting in Hilversum
November 7-8th. I offered to add something, so the day before, November 6th
2019 @ 11 am I will be co-hosting a short celebration recalling some of the
important work that several language departments achieved before broadcast
activities ceased in 2012. Entry is free but it would be great if you can
register because capacity in the room is limited.

100 jaar radio :

Woensdag 6 november 
11:00 - 12:00 
Engelstalig evenement
Gratis, aanmelden verplicht 
A unique international broadcaster - Recalling the global impact of Radio
Netherlands, the Dutch World Broadcasting System.
By the 1970s, over 120 countries had some form international radio voice.
But only the Dutch has built what they called a broadcasting "system". A lot
has already been written about the early years of Radio Netherlands and its
predecessors PCJJ and the PHOHI. This discussion will focus on the last 30
years of the organisation's existence as a broadcaster and the role that
radio played in sharing European opinions, knowledge and culture.
Fortunately, archive footage exists of the important work that Radio
Netherlands did in Latin America, Dutch Caribbean, West and Central Africa,
and Indonesia. We will use extracts to explain how RNW complemented the work
of much larger stations like BBC World Service, Radio France Internationale
and Deutsche Welle. We'll hear about the new era of the Madagascar relay
station. We will also launch a plan to ensure that several important
programme collections contribute to future understanding of 20th-century
heritage. Because Radio Netherlands was all shades of opinion.  
This session is hosted by Karin van den Boogaert and Jonathan Marks, former
staff at Radio Netherlands.
De voertaal van dit evenement is Engels.

Max van Arnhem