[A-DX] Fwd: Crusader Radio on C292 6070 & 7440 kHz this weekend

Sa Sep 14 23:32:36 CEST 2019

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Betreff:     [WOR] Crusader Radio on C292 6070 & 7440 kHz this weekend
Datum:       Sat, 14 Sep 2019 18:30:11 +0100
Von:         Alan Gale <

Hi All,

I just noticed that German relay station Channel 292 have added a new 
to their schedule, starting with a 2300 - 2400 UTC broadcast on 7440 kHz 
evening (Saturday 14th), and again tomorrow Sunday 15th from 1600 to 
1700 UTC
on 6070 kHz. The station is called 'Crusader Radio'.

I hadn't heard of this station before, but their website shows that it is a
religious broadcaster, and will be on for the next four Sundays at 1600 UTC.

They will also QSL with 'proper' cards or e-reports, and details can be 
here: http://www.crusaderradio.co.uk/qsl.htm

Tonight's 7440 kHz broadcast is not shown for any other weeks (yet), but 
at least offer some of the more distant listeners a chance to catch them.

Their programmes all seem to be in english judging by their website details.



Listing Status:    Stream is currently up and private (not listed)
Stream Status:     Stream is up (HE-AAC @ 32 kbps, 22.05 kHz) with 1 of 
100 listeners
Listener Peak:     3
Avg. Play Time:    2 minutes 47 seconds
Stream Name:       Crusader Radio
Stream Genre(s):   Christian
Stream Website:    www.crusaderradio.co.uk
Playing Now:       Crusader Radio Episode 02 Country 32kbps

Listen to Crusader Radio on Shortwaves
on the 49m and 41m bands:
Depending on conditions the station can be heard throughout Europe on 
6070kHz and on 7440kHz
During hours of darkness the station can be heard worldwide on 7440kHz