[A-DX] #180 / Reception in São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL - September 29, 2019

Rudolf Grimm
So Sep 29 17:02:49 CEST 2019

September 29, 2019 (Time in UTC) 
Rx: KiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL - São Bernardo SP BRAZIL) 
Antenna: PA0RDT Mini Whip Antenna 
MOLDOVA: 1413 kHz Vesti FM, via Grigoriopol, Russian, 27/09 2115. Male slow
communication in Russian language, 'Vesti FM', interview, instrumental mx.
14531 / 24532 (RG). 
FRANCE: 1467 kHz TWR Europe, via Roumoules, Polish (?), 27/09 2100.
Christian communication, songs. 25432 (RG). 
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: 1476 kHz Radio Asia, Ras al Khaimah, Malayalam, 26/09
2305. Songs by male and female voices. '...Dubai... Asia...'. 25442 (RG). 
+++REMARK: RR sent to each of these stations, with the expect to receive a
QSL-card, or a e-QSL from them. Wonderful nights on radio here in
Southeastern Brazil! Lots of Brazilian MW stations are in migration process
to FM, what give us the possibility for a best DX-ing horizon!!!! 
(RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502 SWL  
São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL 
http: // dxways-br . blogspot . com   
YouTube: GrimmSBC