[A-DX] 4700 KHz

Peter DL1YAK
Do Apr 2 12:20:57 CEST 2020


ich habe neulich Mystery21 einen Empfangsbericht per eMail geschickt.
Das hier kam, ist wohl eine automatische Antwort, zurück.
Senderstandort ist da - natürlich - nicht angegeben.

73  Peter


*Mystery21 QSL*


Dear SWL,

thanks a lot for your detailed reception report.

We are really surprised to learn how many people can listen to us all
over Europe and from Siberia to the East Coast oft he United States.
Inspite of the World Wide Web people still enjoy listening on shortwave,
and like us they are fascinated by the myth of wave propagation. That
explains the name of our station „Mystery21“.

We have been on air for many years, but we are newcomers on shortwave.
We chose the 60m band because oft the variety of propagation conditions:
short distance in Europe during the day and DX after sunset.

Our equipment is completely homemade and we are testing with 1,2 KW PEP
from 8 relatively cheap mosfets and a simple inverted V dipole antenna
installed at 25 meters above the soil.

We use sound processing with an optimod pc card and with stereo tool.
Our bandwidth is a little bit higher than with most commercial stations.

We apologize for not having any printed QSL cards at the moment.
Considering the high number of reception reports we are thinking about

You will find further information and pictures on our facebook site.
There you will also find our webstream during the transmissions. If you
like, you can join our facebook group.

*Mystery21 – The Spirit of Music*


Stay tuned and enjoy listening on shortwave, especially on the 60m band.

We are looking forward to hearing from you again.


Mystery21 team

Am 02.04.20 um 11:33 schrieb Michael Lindner:
> Grüße in die Runde!
> Kann mir mal jemand verraten, aus welchem Land eigentlich Mystery Radio (4700 KHz) sendet?
> Ich vermute U.K. ???
> Herzlichen Dank!
> Michael
> Michael Lindner
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