[A-DX] 2020-04-05 1800-1900z via ch292 6070 kHz data: RNEI#03 [MFSK32] & TIAMES April2020 [MFSK64]

Do Apr 9 23:43:23 CEST 2020

Am 08.04.2020 um 22:26 schrieb Roger:
> (html & sonogram dann später......)

♫♥  ===> 4 Garmarna,Vänner och Fränder 🇸🇪

Ist das jetzt "Norwegian R-sound" ?    ;-)


".....Those of you that heard the RNEI broadcast on April 5th would have
noticed the screaming highs. The 6070kHz transmitter system behaved very
differently than the test broadcast on March 19th, causing massive
treble clipping.
At this stage it appears the transmitter audio processor may have an
intermittent fault. I am expecting disappointing results on the next
four shows. To be on the safe side, the program EQ will be greatly
reduced and the program audio file will be updated at the broadcaster.
The good news is that the Comb Stereo worked quite well, and has since
been improved. This means a new decoder will be needed for the repeat
broadcast on Saturday April 11 at 1800UTC, and it will be available
beforehand on the RNEI site....."