[A-DX] [a-dx] A20 AUS - Unique Radio / RNEI

Di Apr 14 22:30:33 CEST 2020

Am 31.03.2020 um 16:13 schrieb Uwe Volk:
> Hallo a-dxer, Tim Gaynor, Manager von Unique Radio schrieb mir soeben:
> "Monday April 6th @ 2AM EAST or April 5th 1600 UTC will be on 3210
> KHz. I hope you will be able to catch it."



09.30-10.00z kam HRI, gegen 0917z ein analoges SSTV-Bild in Scottie2:

10.00-11.00z war TIAMS#059,
(Jason's Blick durch's Fenster, auch in Toronto ist Quarantäne...)


NB : If propagation is poor on 5045KHz during the night then 3210KHz
will be in use.
18:00 AEST  HRI -The voice of Tasmania produced and presented by Bob
Wise (08:00 hrs UTC)
18:30 AEST International Radio Report - As heard from CKUT 90.3 FM
Montreal Canada ​Presented by Sheldon Harvey , David Asselin and Gilles
Letourneau     (08:30 UTC)
​19:00 AEST- World of Radio - Presented by Glenn Hauser (09:00 hrs UTC)
19:30 PM AEST - NEW  (09:30 HRS UTC) Radio Northern Europe
International       <=====  ! ! !NEW
20:00 AEST - This is a music show with 'Your Host' including Vinyl music
& images MFSK64 towards the latter part of the show   (10:00 hrs UTC)
21:00 PM AEST  NEW   ' Back to Back' featuring The Greatest hits on
record ​Presented by Dave Gregory ( 11:00 hrs UTC)
​22:00 AEST Sounds of your life Presented by Aussie Tim (12:00 HRS UTC)
( Close 23:00 ​ )  (13:00 HRS UTC)

Ansonsten, hier noch ein paar Technik-Tipps von Roseanna ("The Girl with
the Radio")   https://tgwtr.xyz/

"...In this guide we will be showing you   how to use TIVAR, a simple
Android app, to decode the hidden playlist in RNEI Broadcasts!"

"..From April 2020 Radio Northern Europe International broadcasts are
broadcast with pre-emphasis"

".....We’ve seen some people receive broadcasts without optimising their
SDR receiver to reduce fading, get higher fidelity audio and reduce
noise so we have written this short guide to give you a few ideas to
optimise listening to us (and other broadcasters)!"
What can be done to help?
In most SDR software there is an option called AMSync or DSB, these
options are magical for reducing fading distortion. These modes generate
their own carrier meaning that when the carrier fades for a moment, the
audio doesn’t distort!
.....And lastly, check your filter bandwidth!
Most stations broadcast at at least 5KHz audio (10KHz filter BW) so make
sure to widen those filters. If you leave them narrow you’ll loose out
on the higher fidelity sound!📻🎶

Comb filter encoded stereo shortwave broadcasts demodulated using AM
Synchronous ISB Stereo demodulation and decoding by the [Daz DSP]
Processed using Stereo Tool to apply Noise Reduction, EQ, and
AGC/multiband compression (if needed) to reduce fading.
Complete program: