[A-DX] DX Test

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Fr Apr 24 09:11:41 CEST 2020


Nachdem Radio City aus NL einen CW DX Test gemacht hat, nun die nächste 
Station  aus NL : Album AM  auf 846

73 ABo

from Jim Solatie/Arctic RAdio Club

Album AM 846 kHz with special morse code identifications for dx-ers!
This exciting AM-station is on the air approximately between 00-18 utc. 
Here is more information about their use of morse code identifications 
from now on: "Hi Jim, I've implemented the morse ID jingle in my 
program! When I don't play music on Album AM, 4 different jingles play 
in random order every exactly 2 min. When I play music, the random 
jingles are set to approx. 10 min. depending on the lenght of a track 
(timeout), never during a track. I've set the morse volume level @ -0,6 
dB so pretty strong. Because of the lenght of the jingle, I've chosen 15 
WPM @ 1 Khz. Grtz, René (pe0rbe)." You can reach the station at 
www.albumam.nl and radio at album dot nl. Enjoy the test!