[A-DX] Fw: [WOR] Pakistan policy to mandate DRM in all new cars

Uwe Volk
Mo Dez 7 15:06:59 CET 2020

Hallo a-dxer, hallo Wolfgang,

2026 wird das wahrscheinlich DRM+ sein...

"Es kommt die Zeit, in der das Wünschen wieder hilft"

73, Uwe.

Deine  Nachricht  von Montag, 7. Dezember 2020 13:39 Uhr Weltzeit (UT) lautete: 

>> DRM digital radio AM as well as VHF bands im Jahr 2026

> da schaut aber die Frau Müller von der deutschen
> Automobilherstellervereinigung dumm aus der Wäsche.

> 73 wb

> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mike Terry via groups.io" Sent: Monday, December 07, 2020 10:04 AM
> Subject: [WOR] Pakistan policy to mandate DRM in all new cars

>> Asia Radio Today  -  27 November, 2020

>> Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) has requested that the
>> Government includes the Policy for equipping all cars in Pakistan with
>> DRM receivers in its automotive policy.

>> This will be discussed for inclusion in the Automotive Industry
>> Development and Export Plan for 2021-2026 of the Ministry of Industries
>> and Production. PBC representatives will be part of the consultative
>> body that will issue the new automotive policy.

>> This represents yet another major step in the already significant
>> progress made by PBC towards the roll-out of the DRM digital radio
>> standard in both the AM as well as VHF bands in their country.

>> This policy will be a key driver for all major automobile brands and
>> OEMs to prepare and produce line-fit DRM radios in their new cars and
>> also to provide solutions for the after-market vehicles in Pakistan.

>> http://www.asiaradiotoday.com/news/pakistan-policy-mandate-drm-all-new-cars

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