[A-DX] Radio Verdad

Sa Dez 12 08:21:11 CET 2020

Am 11.12.2020 um 22:45 schrieb Christoph Ratzer:
> Wenn die auf 4.055 kHz via Satellit senden hilft wirklich nur mehr beten.


Transworld Radio Truth (Radio Verdad)
will be transmitting on test transmission tomorrow Thursday afternoon 
from 13:00 through 16:00 hours Guatemala time (19:00-21:00 hours GMT or 
The transmissions will be addressed to Africa, Europe (Spain, Belgium, 
Holland, France, Germany), China, and other countries.
Our transmissions are via satelite, but you will pick up our signal on 
short wave, on 4055 Khz. There are many repeating short wave antennas 
over the world.
It is a new and wondrous invention.
We are not transmitting tomorrow to America, Mexico, the Caribean, 
Central America and South America yet.
We still have some difficulties with the equipment for this area, which 
we are on the effort to solve soon. We plan to transmit to the whole 
world soon afterwards.
These are test transmissions. If we succeed fully, we plan to move all 
the equipment to Chiquimula, for permanente transmissions.

Der geostationäre Satellit dafür steht genau über den Islas Baleares, 
strahlt nach Chiquimula, und dessen Seitenkeulen sind nebenbei auch noch 

"It is a new and wondrous invention."

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