[A-DX] Radio DARC # 304 u.a. "HF-Pager / КВ-пейджер" ==> IFSK-mode

So Dez 13 11:34:29 CET 2020

Am 13.12.2020 um 10:54 schrieb Roger:
> Sarah Heinrich Beitrag: "HF-Pager"   bzw.  "КВ-пейджер"
> https://apkpremier.com/details/ru-radial-full-hfpager
> Developer:   Evgeny Slodkevich

Dieter Kuckelkorn
17. September 2020
The app worked well in tests not only for NVIS communication, but also
at a distance of 2100 km on 14 Mhz using only 1 Watt on one side. The
communication protocol seems to be as efficient as JS8Call, while using
only a smartphone and no notebook PC. Keep in mind that you need a valid
license if you want to use amateur radio frequencies, though this app
can also be used on CB radio without a license, if your local laws allow

Dieter Kuckelkorn 3 місяці тому
Thank you for the interesting video. I have bought a licence for the HF
pager app a while ago because it is a very interesting approach and now
I am looking for other Hams for trying to use it on 40m, 20m or 80m,
NVIS or longer range. Vy 73 de DL1DBY

CQ_DL 11-2020
Mit dem Smartphone auf Kurzwelle
стр 48-49 статья авторов ua3ahm/oh5hm und dl1dby рассказывающая о
применении вашего софта в смартфоне.
(pp. 48-49 article by the authors ua3ahm / oh5hm und dl1dby telling
about the application of your software in a smartphone)