[A-DX] Fwd: Holiday Broadcasts on Shortwave { Updated }

Sa Dez 19 09:10:56 CET 2020

Am 18.12.2020 um 22:52 schrieb Alan Roe  [via WOR]:
> I have been collating a list of programming on shortwave over the 
> forthcoming holiday period. The programmes listed are predominantly, 
> but not necessarily, seasonal. Here is an updated edition of this 
> compilation, which will be further updated and redistributed if and 
> when more information becomes available. It will also be uploaded to 
> the files section of this iog mail list.
> Regular weekly music programming, where no special advance programme 
> information has been provided, are not included in this list, but 
> please refer to my Music on Shortwave list recently distributed (and 
> also uploaded to the files section).
> I hope that you find it useful.
> Additions and corrections are most welcome to 
> Best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year
> Alan Roe, Teddington, UK

Sein Anhang hier:

Ohne konkreten Details bisher:
"...Now the exciting bit, We are hoping to have RNEI 12 as a Christmas 
special that’ll broadcast sometime near Christmas on Channel 292 as a 
separate 30 minute broadcast and replace the repeat of an old show on 
WRMI, it’s going to be a blast with some proper Christmas cheese! 
Crossed fingers I get it finished in time!

Broadcasting times and dates are all up in the air for now, World FM, 
WRMI and Radio Onda are generally stable, Channel 292 is being worked 
out for Winter, no point securing a slot under CRI haha!

Wishing you all the best,
– Roseanna       ..."

Ansonsten zu RNEI#11
Daz Dude
> The first clip had a copyright block put on it, so this one is 
> modified... :)
> This is the HD animated HTML playlist that was broadcast in WinDRM 
> mode at the end of RNEI program 11.
> The HTML data shown here was received in North-East England from the 
> 6070kHz broadcast from Germany, and the audio content was recorded 
> from the 5850kHz WRMI shortwave broadcast using some central USA 
> KiwiSDRs. The "6070" ID is used on all shortwave broadcasts, 
> regardless of their frequency.
> Stereo audio is decoded from the encoded analog shortwave broadcast 
> using the Comb Stereo v7g0 plugin.
> Some stats:
> * The HTML used Scaled Vector Graphics, CSS and Javascript to draw the 
> RNEI logo, credits, and a realistic sunrise & sunset scene in 
> real-time in the listener's web browser.
> * The HTML code used for this was 12,499 bytes.
> * Two additional HTML versions for slower web browsers were also 
> included. The code size for these was 10,475 and 6,648 bytes.
> * Due to the largely duplicated data, this HTML code was highly 
> compressible.
> * Compressed using 7zip format, the transmitted data size was only 
> 4,489 bytes. This made transmission via shortwave practical.
> * The HTML playlist was sent twice using Ham-DRM mode in QAM-4 for 
> maximum reliability. This took about 68 seconds total.
> To make this video required simultaneous browser rendering and video 
> capture. This degraded the framerate, so the animation here is a bit 
> more jerky than it normally appears.
> The HTML files can be seen here: 
> http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~daz2002/tech/RNEI-rx/