[A-DX] RNEI's Christmas Special Announcement

Di Dez 22 09:10:33 CET 2020


Radio Northern Europe International’s Christmas Special Announcement!
Posted by By RNEI Monday the 21st of December, 2020

Hei all,

After lots of work and careful song selection we have completed our 
Christmas special show for 2020 and we hope you get to hear it and love it!

Musical Features:
     Some Norwegian cheese to open the show
     Some really nice Christmas songs from artists like Eivør, Zophia, 
Saara Aalto
     A wonderful song by My & Mats featuring loads of lovely stereo 
separation (in Comb Stereo on Shortwave – Give yourself a bigger treat 
and set up shortwave stereo!)

Data Features:
     PSK500R playlist with shortened comments in the final song of the show
     HamDRM (Easypal or WinDRM decoder) 7Zip file with a HTML animation 
along with the full playlist tirelessly coded by Daz!
     Comb Stereo – This is something you’ll really want to be using on 
this show for sure!!

Being a special the broadcast times are abnormal so here is a table to 
know when to hear it!
Date             Time         Frequency Transmitter              Direction
23rd December    19:00 UTC    6070KHz      C292  South Germany      ND

24th December    01:00 UTC    5010KHz      WRMI Florida, USA 181°   
                               5850KHz      WRMI Florida, USA 315°   

25th December    11:00 UTC    9670KHz      C292 South Germany 293°   
Benelux UK & Ireland NE America

27th December    4:00 UTC     9670KHz      C292 South Germany   60°   
China & SE Asia  Australia & NZ

31st December    01:00 UTC    5010KHz      WRMI Florida, USA 181°   
                               5850KHz      WRMI 315°   N.America

I really hope you get to listen to it and that you enjoy it, it was 
great fun putting it together!

Until next time,
-Roseanna -  🌹


Two comments from me:

===>  "PSK500R"
Sending PSK as AM modulation is less of a problem, but demodulation in 
AM should be avoided!
I recommend separate demodulation in USB and LSB, ideally from an IQ 
In the case of the AM sum signal (left+right), there is often a 
destructive phase overlap and decoding problems.

===>  "Comb stereo"   [Australian sound mastering, for a program from 
Canada, via a US broadcaster]
Here is the latest Comb Stereo encoder / decoder as an audio sample: